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Tear gas and riot police near El Monumental, and the second leg of the Libertadores game could be postponed.



There was no chance of this game going smoothly.


The game has been postponed at 21:00.



Hope Boca wins it now. Fucking right-wing River cunts!



As a causal onlooker, all I can say this whole final is an embarrassing advertisement of the competition


Cunts! How could they play after they almost got killed?


Alright Fergie.


You do like to have a dig at me, right?


Exactly. The game finally got some eyeballs from rest of the world and they mess it up like this


South American football is a million miles behind European leagues.

Boca fans did the same to River players a year or two ago. So pathetic.


Luca it’s a joke haha. You sounded like SAF here :wink:


I knew it :xhaka:


The game is yet to start. Guess Boca are desperate not to play.


Has this been cancelled? BT are meant to be showing it and they have some shit boxing show on instead


Games been cancelled apparently lol


Guess it’s over.


Fucking idiot fans ruining my Saturday night viewing!!