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What a flog



McLean is entitled to not wear a poppy. It isn’t compulsory. I just don’t get why the club felt they had to make a statement about it.


Because they know people will throw shit fit, so they felt the need to say something to somewhat protect their player.


I get the idea of trying to get ahead of the story, but still, all I think it achieved is reminding people of his principles.

And I’m not sure I would have remembered had it not been for this story. My life is far too complex to be thinking about James McLean and why he doesn’t like to wear a fucking poppy.


That’s not on Stoke though, if they hadn’t got ahead of the story (your words) the shitstorm would have still come and you’d have been reminded of it anyway. Their statement isn’t the reason it’s a big deal.


If it were me? I wouldn’t want my name mentioned, and I’d ignore any shitstorm. Trump will likely do something stupid and everyone will move on for another year :slight_smile:


Yeah fair enough if that’s how you feel, but what you’d hypothetically want has nothing to do with the logic of them making their statement on the matter.

Also, if you were going to ignore the whole shitstorm then you could simply ignore Stoke’s statement too, why would you let yourself be bothered about a supportive statement being made if you weren’t bothered about huge levels of abuse being thrown your way?

Besides, Trump doing something stupid won’t stop any shit storm anyway, the overlap between Trump sympathisers and the rabid nationalists who give McClan abuse for not wearing a poppy is too great for that to distract from the annual hate campaign :smile:


I’d rather they didn’t, but I wouldn’t be bothered. I certainly wouldn’t make a statement of my own that’s for sure.


Fuck off America. You’ve lost. Accept it. Your nonsense idea isn’t happening. Even if you do an embarrassing petition :joy::joy:


I’ll remind you of this when you want Indy ref 2 :wink:




I know he left the bomb out, but probably best not to post a photo of the offending costume alongside your apology :joy:


This is genuinely fascinating. I had always thought Figo went to Madrid because he wanted to, because he was a snake, but the circumstances are probably the most bizarre I’ve ever come across when it comes to transfers.


I haven’t seen the video (yet), but it is very strange. From what I read Perez promised he would sign him during his election campaign and was a shock winner. Figo agreed to him saying such a thing but was probably not set on the idea but then I heard he fell out with the board or something. Again, I need to watch the video when I can but I believe it’s something like that.
It’s made all the stranger by the fact he was captain and pretty much loved by everyone there. Regardless of who he played for I adored Figo growing up. Not sure there is a case to suggest he was in anyway underrated but I don’t think his name gets mentioned enough.




@Cristo :speak_no_evil:


Bellend is, bellend does.