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He’s a freelancer


The money involving everything football and especially in England has just reached an absurd high.

Clubs will allocate HUGE sums of their budget for every small edge they can get for their team. Including a danish plumber, which learnt to throw a ball at very long distances in his danish plumber league.


oh ok, but regardless its a stupid job really, this can be taught in what…5 mins? Give £50 and a crate of beer and call it a good’un


Did you read the article? it sounds like a smart idea and the guy is qualified in it.


Oh I know.




In the article Klopp says something like “I’d never heard of such a thing, but when I did hear, I knew I had to give him the job.”

BTW, what’s German for BOLLOCKS? :slight_smile:


wtf is that name haha


Sounds like a fantasy football team name :arteta:


Well there is already a Sporting and a Real in the MLS, so only right that Inter would get a look in eventually. I’m expecting Bayern Sacramento next.


How could you forget the greatest brand name of all? Dynamo. They have Houston Dynamo.


Maybe I’m old school but I prefer plain old Town, City, United, Rovers, etc. I mean, Whitecaps, Timbers. Fucking nancy names.


He’s 9 years old haha.




Kroos criticizing another ethnic german player



Someone did a write up of all Red Bull’s failings to qualify for the CL.

That time they narrowly won at home against a poverty Luxembourg side but still got knocked out:





We replaced Henry with Adebayor in the first team after he left. TBF Aliadiere is implying that it could have been him instead of Adebayor.


He’s wrong.