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Aliadiere had a higher ceiling than the way his career panned out that’s for sure. I think he could have been a very useful striker for us if he stuck around personally.


Guess what they do with new teams in the MLS? Naming them United, City etc. That was ‘old’ MLS.

Is Adebayor actually the player after which Wenger lost his touch in unearthing and developing young, good players? I know he wasn’t a great striker, but very serviceable in the Premier League. After him we got Nasri and Eduardo, but Nasri already had a bit of a high profile as a talent and Eduardo had a goalscoring record that was noticeable I’m sure.


You know it’s the international break when lots of flashback videos are being posted :smile:


A big L for your boys @Bl1nk :wink:



not bad…not bad at all




Irony is lost on Gallas when he’s questioning the mentality of other players he played with.
He was one of the weirdest characters we’ve had at the club.


I miss Gallas and his on pitch crying. Best no10 we ever had.


You cried on the pitch you silly cunt

Fucking harsh to put a fellow pro’s name out there in that context.


Did you expect anything else from Gallas? hah

Guys always been a twat


Can’t believe we let go Ashley Cole for him then picked him over Kolo Toure


Can think of fewer bigger mistakes than making that cunt captain.


I mean he was better than Kolo while Gallas was here.
Never liked him though


I don’t dislike Gallas as much as some, despite what everyone says 2007-2008 was by far and away the best back 4 we have had during our 14 year title drought, Gallas was a key component of that.



One thing I will give him is that that mohawk was sick af back in 08


I always tend to associate that Gallas photo as @Craigie 's avatar he used for many years.