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Outta be Yo Pierre




Hopefully crybaby Ronaldo will lose again :smile:


I have no idea how Modric is making these lists lol.


That list is an abomination :joy:


The thing is Messi is still far and away the best player in the world so to not include him on any list is criminal lol


It’s a more general point but I think the Champions League has too much sway in these things. How many games is it out of the season? Not many at all yet it seems to hold the most sway.

Honestly Modric’s season has been way overrated because of the World Cup. He was overrun in that Madrid midfield so much last season if I remember rightly…

And yeah, Messi is so clearly the best player currently around, off the back of a superb season, so it’s strange to say the least to not see him even in the top three.


Yeah, there hasn’t been a year since Messi burst onto the scene that he hasn’t been one of the best three players in the world. It seems he is a victim of his own high standards.

And as Will points out, the fact that Real Madrid won the CL and Croatia reached the WC final was reason enough to include Modric instead – not that I believe that should be the case, it’s an individual award afterall, but it seems to be the logic here.


You know, if they wanted to include a real Madrid player who was crucial to their success, a better proposition would be Marcelo.

Madrid’s best player last season imo


Wonder what the scousers are paying this guy:


probably millions a year or at least over the course of his contract. Imagine being a high earner for being able to throw a ball…fucking hell.


No shit! Fuck me, why don’t the likes of you and I hear about gigs like this? :slight_smile:


Popped up on my timeline again, love this clip.


I can’t watch that right now because I don’t want to start welling up in public. It’s a deep, penetrating hit to the feels each time


I’ve never seen this before haha. Nice clip


That’s literally every comment on r/gunners every time this gets posted. Which is a bout 9 times a year.


We chose the wrong career path :henry2:


What i dont understand is why the fuck do you need a contract for a guy that does this. It is not something that changes with the game. A new technique of throwing a ball can be taught in 20 seconds. What in the fuck does a guy need an expensive contract and a long term contract for that. It is like putting a plumber on a 5 year deal at hundreds of pounds a month because you have one leaking tap. They seemingly have more money than sense even if this guy has some wonderous way of lobbing a ball does it honestly take years to learn this shit, there will hardily be any advantage to the game with chucking a ball in anyway, just chuck the guy £100 and show them and go home.


Yeah I was exaggerating for effect. When I posted that I was actually sat at home and very confident that I wouldn’t start crying.