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A big thank you to all the Eskimos searching Arsenal in Greenland :arteta:


Wot, no spuds? The world says “Fuck 'em”. :joy:


Woow madrid have really taken over the world. And where the fuck is Lolpool :arteta:




Özil in a Spurs top. :face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:





12/20. Much harder.


What happened in Finland? A Finnish club most searched there. :giroud:


Bloke on the radio being interviewed reckons the top clubs in europe are now looking at moving CL games to the weekends.
Can see that happening tbh and sponsors being very happy with that.


Nah, the leagues will never allow it imo. And rightly so.




Michael Owen talking about how injuries left him feeling petrified and how in the end he couldn’t wait to retire, pretty sad end to a career that started off so brightly. Quite a fascinating listen.


You intentionally listened to Michael Owen for 9 minutes?


Do you think she has a side that enjoys punishing herself?


The best of that so called golden generation him imo.Would of smashed the England goal scoring record to bits.


Indeed. I’m a masochist :henry2:


Who’s good at this game?

Put the answer in [spoiler] tags


I would guess

Yopierrrreee, Hazard Lille I think?