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Apparently the change in circumstances is that there is a video out there of him having it off with his Jack Russell…:flushed:

If anyone posts that video they are getting a ban.


You dont want VAR now then.


The most shocking thing out of this is that I read Bobby Madley is only 32. It’s safe to say he hasn’t aged well at all…


What the fuck. Disgusting if true


I did that in world cup during a corner for Uruguay.
Fuck me I was smug all night.


Everyone, you heard Shammy, if you’re looking for that video on OA you’re VARking up the wrong tree


I find it amusing that his age is what shocks you the most :slight_smile:


I’m known for my maturity


VAR, or Very Angry Russell :grinning:


Are these the stadiums in Scotland? WTF!? :arteta: @Calum @Electrifying


What’s wrong with it haha?

Partick aren’t big enough to have 4 stands. Looks weird though I will admit


My local team has 3 stands too. Can’t fill the 4 the and would be an unnecessary expense

What about it Cazzo?! :bellerin:


It just looks weird. Nothing more.




:joy::joy::joy: Moyesie in 'Murica


i’d give him a season and it will turn like Valencia and Neville.


Terrible dog related pun Chum…

Iams just saying Pal.


That’s a good career move to be fair



Might not be in the next WC either. :grimacing:


It’s what I’ve always said we always needed as our team manager, a dour Scotsman.