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It’s just a joke about British fans putting effort into chants whereas American sports fans don’t.




Got it. What makes me laugh is how American, and Canadian, arenas have to flash big signs saying “Make Noise, Make Noise”. Fuck sake, you don’t go to a game to sit quietly by.


One for @shamrockgooner


Man city’s is by far the worst.

Yeah what kind of formation is that, thundercunts


Pool and uniteds the best imo. Anything with individual player images is a mess.


No way that’s Joe Hart’s actual neck.


Could a Euro superleague actually work?


Probably not imo.

IndyCar CART breakaways, the XFL etc show that breakaways to go after as much money as possible always cause self-destruction as the owners gorge on profits to such an extent it never becomes sustainable

But then that’s just my take on things.


No. Fuck that. I never want this to ever happen


I’ve always thought no it wouldn’t work. Part of the appeal for fans of Bayern, Real, Barca and even the likes of Porto if you wanted to extend the league that far is that they are serial winners. Take that away and I don’t think the fan base sustains.

Personally speaking I’ll happily watch Arsenal plod away in the PL whatever the outcome where we play loads of local derbies etc and have rivalries established for decades or even some where we’re into our second century of rivalry. No matter how many times we play inter the same rivalry will never exist.


After 50 years though United, Liverpool and City would end up being the rivals and we’d probably still keep Spurs and Chelsea. I’m not too fussed about West Ham and Watford as derbies.

But yeah for foreign clubs it would be complete shit. Imagine Porto never playing Benfica again because only one of them made this Euro league, or both making it but Benfica never playing Sporting again?

The whole point of European competition is you want to see the English champions against the German or Spanish champions and this would turn it into 3rd in the league playing 8th in the league. We’ve seen from supporting Arsenal for the last two years that interest in a league competition has the ability to decline when there’s nothing to play for too.

I think a more stomachable solution would be something like reducing leagues (maybe 18 teams max in the top leagues), scrapping the league cup and just extending the CL to take more clubs and add a few more fixtures. Then every club that would make a Euro league will be in the CL without too much trouble, they can have their cash grab but you’d still have the excitement of the knockouts and European competition going side by side with domestic for basically the whole season.


A Super league will either be biased to top clubs or will try to be fair to all leagues & end up allowing obscure winners from obscure leagues to be whipping boys of the league.

I prefer the occasional matchup with other big clubs in CL atm.


The dream team




Every 2 weeks at work we have to do a session which is basically on a scale of 1 to 10 rate the past 2 weeks and I ran it on Friday and as a cutting edge footballista I changed it from on a scale of Man City (1) to Cardiff City (20) and they all said “what’s wrong with Cardiff City?”.

Now I have proof :giroud2:



I say “he’s scoring this” before every free kick that isn’t taken by an Arsenal player.