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If I was Karius I really wouldn’t give a shit. Sure I’d be gutted for costing a CL title but in reality I’d be living my best life. My family would be financially secure forever, can do whatever the fuck you want. Would be laughing in the face of peasants lol.



Diagnosed with acute leukaemia last year.

Always sad when someone has to retire for health reasons. He’d been with the club since he was 14 too.


Shame. Thought he was recovering well. He even posted a message about his health conditions some weeks ago.




Sounds like a scene from The Thick of It.

“Fat Pat? What, Pumpkin tits?!”.



Decent read this


When people wonder what was so good about Ronaldinho, this was his debut goal for Barca for fucks sake.

Never been in awe of a footballer in the same way since tbh.

Feel like he is to me what R9 was to the guys a tiny bit older than me.


Easily my favourite footballer growing up. Always played with a smile too, just a shame he lost his way in his personal life at the time when Barça were starting to peak


Fantastic player but I honestly feel like Henry was better, Ronaldinho had that Brazilian flair but I think Henry was always the more effective/valuable player. Look at the stats and it really is hard to make an argument for Ronaldinho. I know, I know, different positions, but still, the disparity is large, and in the end they were both attacking players who were there to make a difference in the final third. I think Ronaldinho benefitted from being a sexier style of play, in a sexier team, who fit perfectly what people want out of a Brazilian sensation playing for Barça. In short, one or two of those Balón d’Ors should’ve gone to The King.


I agree that Henry was the better player, but I feel that Ronaldinho was the deserved winner of the Balon d’Or in 04-05/05-06. I do find it ridiculous that Henry didn’t win one though, especially in 03-04 when he was head and shoulders above the rest.

The problem with Ronaldinho was that his peak was actually very short lived. Things started to turn in 2006-7 and went down hill quite quickly. He definitely didn’t have the same mentality ad Thierry.


The season they gave it to Zidane it should of gone to Henry


Had we won the CL in 2004 (and not bottled it to Wayne fucking bridge) he would have won his ballon d’Or.

Unfortunately, the ballon d’Or these days more than ever means ‘best player in the team that won the cl’ than actual ‘best player’


Interesting graph. Source Reddit



Iniesta being iniesta


That just annoys me to be honest haha. He clearly still has another 1-2 years at the highest level, shame he felt otherwise :confused:



I have no idea what that’s about.




Haha brilliant by the pikee lad.