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:fire: :fire:


Played a shit cross though




Not a massive fan of individual awards anyway. But this one just takes the biscuit! Nearly 25 year olds Ederson and Harry Kane nominated for YPOTY! Just makes even more of a mockery of it. It should be used to showcase players who have had a breakthrough season. Certainly not seasoned pros in their mid twenties!

Can only assume Kane swore on his daughter’s life that he is actually still 19.


Pretty sure it’s the age you start the season is your age for the season no?

Although I thought the cut off for YPOTY was 23?


Kane :arteta:

Mate Levy is the secret FA chairman, isn’t he?!

Luckily Sterling or Sane will win it and this mockery can stop



Our guy doing what he does best. :heart_eyes::gunnersaurus:



I love that look of complete shock on his face when he sees the red card.

Still, a better reaction to a red card than Buffon



The commentary is great too:

“He’s a repeat offender, he’s always playing on the edge”

Didn’t take la liga commentators much to figure out Flamini’s MO :grimacing:

Still, Flamini > Arteta obvs


Wtf. Clearly got the ball :thinking:


Clean as a whistle that tackle :+1:

¡No hay falta!


You missed the other five tackles that ranged from yellow-red card worthy that he was lucky to get away with :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


insert obligatory Spanish food insult here





What a player Seedorf was.


Mourinho in being a cunt shocker