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King Cunt gobbing off again. Fucking tiresome.



Got into a discussion with someone on Reddit about Seedorf who wouldn’t accept that he’s definitely level with Iniesta in terms of impact and success in central midfield. They were either Spanish or under 23…


Man gets 1 year stadium ban so can’t watch his team, so he does this…



Dinamo Moscow player gives his shirt to some kids, they fairly and amicably decide who gets to keep it. I’m impressed by how they just accepted it. :smile:



Seedorf was a fantastic player who I really enjoyed but I think you are wrong here and that guy, whatever age, whatever nationality he was, was probably right. Iniesta will go down as one of the best midfielders of all time. He was a generational player. I think you can say the same for Seedorf–generational player–but I’m not sure he goes down as one of the best midfielders of all time (as in top 5-10 discussion).

Iniesta was central to two of the best teams of all time at national and club level. His elegance was definitive of a style of football, and goes down with Zidane and the like as one of the best ever seen. I think you need to check your anti-Barça and anti-Spain agenda sometimes (your resentment has always come through quite strongly), and that’s coming from someone, believe me or not, that also gets thoroughly tired of some of the hyperbolic/lazy things said about Barça or Spain (/spanish footballers) in this era.


Then they went home and hacked merica’s facebook. TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP.


And seedorf was equally crucial to milan’s success, he was an absolutely phenomenal player and should without question be ranked in the top 10, he was capable of winning matches by himself, skilful, powerful, fantastic passer, good finisher, great leader, could control the tempo of a game almost as much as Pirlo did. Trust me, I’d say Iniesta is probably the very best in my time, I also rate the other two of that fantastic trio probably in the top 10 of my time so as much as I dislike them for their antics, I can’t deny their incredible talent. However, seedorf is so achingly close to Iniesta’s level that it irks me that he’s underrated. His prime may not have lasted as long of course, but yeah, the things he was capable means he has to be in that discussion, and the person I was arguing with flat out laughed at me.


Here’s podolski celebrating his nans 90th birthday. :slight_smile:


Poldi’s a gooner so I’m sure he’d trade her for Dembele



Name of this video is classic. Putting in all of the keywords people might search on youtube.

Reminds me of those low quality videos from days gone by, such as “Goals and $kill$, Messi amazing, World striker TOP player, Greatest Shootings, best footBall 2006/07”


To be fair Raheem Sterling did forget his daughter’s birthday/age and his fiancee ripped into him on Twitter.
Not a particularly healthy relationship


Love how Roy called us the arsenal.


Honestly been thinking about finding a new club. Arsenal is determined to make me hate football. It’s not worth it to suck all the enjoyment out of watching the sport. It sucks, though, Madrid I obviously hate, Barça I don’t like either, Atléti I could never be a fan of because the club identity has absolutely nothing to do with me, Getafe, well fuck that, Valencia is a mess and I don’t speak Valencian nor have Valencian family, same deal with Euskera and Athletic or Gallego and Depor…

Been honestly been going through all the clubs I could potentially do a @Persona and BvB with, but I can’t think of any satisfying possibility. It’s sad, the three clubs I feel most affinity for right now stylistically are also three clubs that I hate/are rivals of Arsenal (Spuds, City, Liverpool).

Fuck football.

Was thinking maybe French league team to give me an excuse to get better at French, but watching Ligue 1? ehhh


Luca hasn’t even had a meltdown this bad :joy::joy:


Not really, when a club does absolutely everything possible to make me hate it, it’s actually the rational thing to stop supporting it, especially if you don’t live close to the club. Was thinking about finding a new club when it seemed plausible that Wenger might stay here forever, so this is really just a continuation of that thought now that we’ve shown ourselves to be a definitive mess both at Wenger and board level.


Keep typing Cuellar please :smile:


Marseille obviously. I mean they did give shelter to that reject Diaby, I am sure they’d take you too.


Not a bad shout, I think RyanAir does cheap flights there from Madrid. Problem is still that Ligue 1 is shite. Was thinking more Lyon if I went French league, what with their youth academy/philosophy.