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Fucking fucker! Ban him for life! What a cunt!



Carlos vela first goal tonight what a strike


el traffico?!

:arteta: :poldi:




Frimpong gave up a potential career at the top level to focus on social media.


Nah I think the double ACL did him.

Was going great for him at Wolves till his ACL injury.

That said don’t think his attitude was right for long term professional career


wtf :joy:


I’m glad the EFL is cracking down on such thuggery




Why does this man know how much change he gets down to the penny? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Well they’re top of the league, so he would have made the same payment many times over :grin:





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Troy Deeney being Troy Deeney

“I spoke to [Ainsley] Maitland-Niles, after I missed the penalty, and said 'I’m glad I can help you bring out a decent crowd.”

"Because I watched the game when they lost a week before to Man City, when the snow came and they had like 10,000 there - but then for the next game it’s sold-out and everyone’s giving Troy grief.“

“If you look at where we was when I joined seven years ago we was 15th in the Championship. Fast forward seven years, and where Arsenal were seven years to where they are now, they’re competing with Watford”

“I’ve made Arsenal’s season. They’ve stepped up since then."

And my personal fave quote is this little dig: “I grew up watching Arsenal - back when they had five or six proper players.” :arteta:


“It’s actually helped Watford out because now we’ve got a rivalry with Arsenal,” Deeney told XO, reflecting on his comments.

We have a rivalry with Watford?! :face_with_monocle:

nahh :joy:


Someone referring to themself in the third person is a pretty good indication that they’re a cunt.


This Ruben Neves goal is amazing, the technique alone is out of this world.



Ryan Smith briefly remember his name from PES and FM lol. Shame about his injury


Deeney’s comments make him sound like quite a self important prick, but you know he’s saying it to get a reaction in a similar manner to last time.

Quite transparent really, but it will wind a lot of people up I’m sure. Objective complete.


Deeney is a non entity lol. Peasant.