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Also, driving while filming with his phone or camera. I’ve just noticed that ffs.

Terrible, doing that with his daughter in the passenger seat too.

Just a shambles all round. :facepalm:


Against the law here… is that the case in UK? I’d send the cops to arrest his ass.


It is. Mandatory 3 points on your licence and a fine at least.


Hope he’s not gonna get sacked. Sky’s best pundit and love the banter with him and Neville





The young girl who is spat at is clearly the most adult one in the entire situation. She clearly says “don’t” to her Dad when he first identifies Jamie Carragher.

For the idiot dad to goad Carragher and for the player tp carry out the despicable act of spitting is a sad indictment of society


Spitting is nasty, he’s definitely getting sacked. Shame, I really like Jamie, well rather less so now.

The dad has rather shot himself in the foot too by contacting the Mirror, one suspects :woman_facepalming:t2:


WTF!? :cech:


Typical scouser true colours coming through. Sack the vile cunt.


If carra gets sacked, so should the dad imo



What the actual fuck is Zaza thinking here


reminds me of this



And that in turn reminds me of how fucking stupid it is when people put the same thing in slowmo six times in a row in a video. My idiot brain is triggered full gear thinking about how it is yet another stupefying trend in society and bla bla until I forget what I just saw.

Which, when I remind myself, was actually pretty hilarious lol and makes me thing about Rivaldo by the corner flag.

also on a separate note but on topic, Mou is kind of funny sometimes:


That is so pathetic.
Should be banned for months just to make an example out of such assholery



Paddy Power win it. :joy::joy::joy:



I always recognised the turbans on MOTD when I was a kid


I swear they’re ever presents?