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Well he’s been through all the leagues. Didn’t make it at Arsenal obviously. Played for a few years at Colchester, but now seems to have slid right down – he’s only 27


Another one of the footballing greats Wenger has produced. That talent development magic.


The February 2017 cover of FourFourTwo hasn’t aged well at all… :see_no_evil:



@PPB, have First Wien gone bankrupt?


These are the real Angus boys @Luca_from_Italy


The latest I know is that they’ve stabilized and found a new sponsor yet can’t avoid to be relegated due to regulations.




Hearts have a player called “Godinho” what a fucking name!!


Yusef is not an asian person name btw lol, it’s definitely an Arabic name. Was funny regardless.


You don’t understand how the term Asian is used in this country


Europeans are stuck in the past though. They still think Asian means someone from Asia.


In all fairness the Arabic countries are in Asia.


I mean it’s also worth noting that the vast majority of the Middle East is in Asia anyway.



Just seen the video, disgusting.


Wow, what a cunt. I was fully expecting to see him react to someone being an utter cunt in a way that it might have been 1% justified for him to lash out, but that was some family friendly banter.


I had low expectations, but that was f*ing hilarious…


and it’s already started…


:arteta: ffs

But seriously, everything about that video is a bit fucked up. The dad filming it, while it looked like his daughter sounded uncomfortable with him continuing to wind up Jamie, Jamie pulling his window down and spitting at him, everything.


Yeah neither of the grown men come out of that video well. What Carragher has done was foul that goes without saying. But the dad filming whilst driving, and clearly embarrassing his daughter by pestering another grown man on camera. Yeah he doesn’t look good here either. At least she was spared the indignity of having more than her voice attached to this.

Total shit show.


Lol wtf