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I don’t think he should be sacked, but I think we all know he will be.


Yeah they were apparently, they’ve since left though



Their seats were given to press people apparently, they sit somewhere different in the stadium now.

Loved seeing those guys



They probably still attend football matches in Manchester but now wear light blue shirts and go to the other side of town :grinning:


Thankfully not sacked!


I don’t wanna watch a video of him spitting.

Did he spit on the girl or the window near the girl?


If you watch the video it is your face he’s spitting in lol

no the clip is filmed from within the car out the passenger window, Carra spits towards the car, you don’t see the girl but she was apparently in the passenger seat closest to Carra’s car I guess so in a sense he spits towards her rather than on her.


Nobody tell him. Make him watch it





My dad tried to spit at someone on the motorway once. Most of it ended up on me in the back seat. The cunt.


Yeah but most of the people I know that are Arabic and from the middle east, would definitely not prefer to be called asian.


And most Arabs I know would not like to be called Arabic.


In case the original point went over your head (sorry if it didn’t), I believe Jake was insinuating that people from places like Pakistan and Bangladesh can have names like Yusuf which I imagine is what this woman was getting at.


What would they prefer?


Yep, and that in Britain they would be described as being Asian so his correction was in fact incorrect given the origins of the Facebook post.


Not to be called a language.


Oops I read they don’t like being called Arabs.
Arabic is ofcourse wrong.