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We need Iwobi to turn into this one day.


“League Leaders Arsenal”

:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

This game showed why we wouldn’t be league leaders for long though.


I remember watching that game and thinking to myself that if we hold on for the 3-2 win we can go on and win the title from there on in. So of course we conceded late…


Probably Joel Campbell’s best game for us. Two really good assists


Giroud’s goal :fire:


That goal made me think we are surely going to win.
When Giroud is pulling off that kind of move, you can’t help but fantasize.


No no you must’ve been imagining it, Giroud is cumbersome and can’t score goals like that


Just found out Pat Nevin is actually also a regular DJ on the London indie circuit :smile: Random as



Is the PL impatient, or is it more that those players couldn’t hack it? Though I guess you can’t really adjust to a League when you’re not given any time to adjust.


Well…how about seeing that stat for any other season ever before making a judgement…


Half of those players were in the PL like 5 years ago. What were Liverpool supposed to do, wait 5 years for Aspas to turn 30 and become a player that’s still not nailed on to get in their team?

I would guess all of those players were not in the PL by their own choice. Just because it doesn’t work out with a certain club or coach doesn’t mean you have to leave the country.


We are top of something at least :sunglasses:


Err we won the community shield 174 days ago. Does this joker not understand real trophies?!?


It’s like some people think the 4PT doesn’t actually exist! :frowning:


Technically we shared that with Chelsea


Aspas was dog shit for Liverpool.
PL in those cases were not impatient, hose players couldn’t take their chances.


Maybe they just don’t have the cajones for the PL


Daniel Sturridge has played for 5 of the six prem clubs that Anelka did. Just one to go then.






That would kill @Mysty this one would :tired_face::tired_face:

In other news…