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A cynical bit of marketing that I’m now colluding with, but quite amusing regardless lol


Paddy Power always do shit like that hah


And it works cos I’m considering creating an account with them just to back a couple of really silly ones like that haha


Someone just pointed me in the direction of this – Dodo’s penalty for Giresunspor against Fenerbahçe in the Turkish Cup on Wednesday. I can’t think of a worse penalty – Zaza’s is up there, but this may be worse




:gabriel: :gabriel: :gabriel:

Imagine the scenes on AFTV if one of our players took a penalty like that, LOL!





Forget LMAO



Derppp :grin:


:rofl: If he only had faked injury too.




I think that I could have broken my leg in the run up and still managed a better shot. What the hell was that? Goodness :arteta::facepalm:


Cesc feels you.


Is it really that sad?

I struggle to feel bad for these young players who play a few good games and think they deserve to play for the biggest teams earning the biggest money.

You have to earn it and that often means performing at a smaller club week in week out.


Pretty sure this describes 90% of players though, it’s just very few actually get a big club to spend big on them.

At 18 he was playing for the biggest club in Portugal and important to the national team. Even if he namedrops those clubs, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was because they’d all showed interest in buying him previously. I know the best option would probably be stay in Portugal until you’re 20/21 and then play for Valencia until you’re 22/23 but I’m sure most would’ve taken the big move.


And that’s why most promising players end up flopping.

They need better advisers that tell them to be realistic and go for the smart move.


Well Renato Sanchez was never any good.
I watched him in World cup and could see what the fuss was all about.


Keith FC are definitely my Scottish team of choice





Got azak fever all over that :rofl:


Damn Arsenal bods, bringing normal fans into disrepute :sweat_smile: