Random Football Stuff


You not a fan of tattoos then?



Despite their advancement, I am starting to think America is a third world country beyond their few dozen cities.


You’re not far wrong. A lot of the hinterland is pretty fucking dire.


Dagenham is fucking shite.


I’m from East London and went to college in Essex, you don’t need to tell me mate lol


That’s not America read the signs closer.


Yeah realized a bit late.




quoting error


I was about to say, why are you mocking me Trion lol.



I watched about 4 minutes of that discussion and had to turn it off. I read next to no football articles these days because they’re mostly awful and you can see why.


That Sunday supplement show is truly awful.


The Blizzard is the absolute best website for football editorials. I subscribe to their quarterly print and it’s the best football stuff I’ve ever read. So dense and well written.


Will check it out :wink: :+1:





Stifler played some beautiful football, even though the yer da of the world didn’t appreciate him because “He doesn’t shoot”.


lol @ the Sigur Ros accompanying music :joy: