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Making a few quid by absolutely slating him yeah


Ex players usually just get judged as footballers no matter what. Diego was an addict, Best a drunken wife beater etc. Giggs will always be a prem legend no matter what. Just the way it is.


Ronaldinho retires. Still the most fun footballer I’ve ever seen.

One of those that had a complete career. Ballon d’Or, all the big medals at club (Libertadores, CL, La Liga titles) and national (Copa America, World Cup) level.

Complete legend.


Giggs is a cretin of the highest nature

How is he manager of an entire nation

I bet a vast amount of Welsh cant stand him






He has a point if it’s true though.

But at the same time Adebayor owes Wenger some respect for giving him his gig in English football.


:cry: The is ol’ days



Adebayor is seriously deluded :smile:




Lol was supposed to write the good old days. Communication broke down a little there :grimacing:



How does this MLS crap work? I fancied this guy - well I fancied Kaka and then chose this team because of purple - and then spotted this guy

And now he has gone to Chicago Fire

Chicago Fire has acquired defender Rafael Ramos and $100,000 in Targeted Allocation Money - $50,000 in 2018 and $50,000 in 2019 - from Orlando City SC in exchange for the Homegrown rights to Cameron Lindley.

What the hell kinda deal is this? “Acquired” “allocation”. America should be banned from playing “soccer”




He just looks like the average guy tbh


Ah but you have bad taste…


You think this dood is handsome?? Hmm alright!!

Lol as far as the mls is concerned I don’t even know tbh boring football shit league. However yeah they do strange business. Like when Beckham came here there was no bidding war because the league actually pays the players not the clubs. So the MLS said, okay LA you get Becks cause…i dunno why guess it would be the most interesting. Sounds like those two teams made a trade and part of the deal was cash in exchange for the younger player. Maybe he’s a hot prospect.

Oh ok I read up on this now. In order for the MLS to maintain a competitive overall league, which is important btw because a team like Orlando would never be able to compete with LA and new york, they only allow a certain amount of money to be spent on players. This allocated money is an exempted amount that teams can use for special ocassions.


Is he Gabriel’s better looking brother?


You have bad taste too.

This forum. Especially @AbouCuellar , hate good looking guys


He is alright


No way. I just like a bit of class and elegance in my men. Like Arteta. Giroud’s a stud obvs but those tattoos and those chavvy looks he goes with remind me too much of his hold up play.