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I can’t believe that is real. That is astonishingly bad!

“Subs, you might have to come on”

“Give the fans summat to shout about”

David Brent would be proud.


Brent would’ve at least included some motivational music!

Seriously though that team talk is fucking shambolic haha. How many years did he play under Fergus again? Would’ve though he would have had a bit more insight than that. Hope he has a bit more insight at Wales


What a great motivational team talk by Giggs.
I’m surprised most of those players could keep awake.

Giving him the Wales job shows how little the people who make these decisions, know about football.
Going for a great player with no managerial experience, rather than an established manager, to run a football team is often a mistake.

It’s not like he was that loyal to Wales anyway.
He was always “injured” when there was an international match but fit again for the next Man U game.

It’s like giving a headmasters job to a former pupil who was always bunking off school to meet girls outside.


I’ve been David Brent! You’ve been the best! See you later!


No, don’t stop it! Wait right until the end…Don’t do that next time

Yes I’m mildly obsessed with the office haha


Boring isn’t it? Just staying in watching The Office with your life… Not for me. I like it.


Must be seriously annoying being a coach with no top level playing experience having to work hard in lower leagues to build a reputation to see a guy like Giggs walk into a top 20 International job with no credible managerial/coaching experience.


Strong words from Papa Giggs.

Hasn’t even apologised for what he’s done. Total fucking scum


Hey now, don’t call him scum.

scum is reserved for another type of footballer.


Really hope the players turn on him from the start.

They, like everyone else, know what a horrible piece of shit he is.

Really finding it tough to see how he’d be respected as a coach anywhere really. Can only see a future in punditry or some small role at United but let’s see.


What a fucking cunt, words cannot even…


I feel for his brother.
He must have looked up to him, respected him, trusted him around his wife.

Of all the women he could have banged.


What the actual fuck was that…


Fair play from his father. In these situations I’d expect inertia to win out and him to forgive him because in the end he’s the one with the fame and the money, and its pull usually wins out, so well done to the father.

Fucking your brother’s wife has got to be one of the scummiest things you can do on the planet.



A list of the best players that played in the nineties.
There’s a few Arsenal players in there.
Wright, Adams and the Master.


Hates his son but happy enough making a few quid off him with that Sun interview




If you hate someone that much, why not make a bit of cash slagging them off haha


If my son did that, I would make sure everyone loses respect for him.
I would make sure he is aware that everyone is judging him and thinking of him as a cunt.
Let that niggling thought wander his head.