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What a list of players, love it.

Bit random but does anyone know who the player Lopez is in the picture (bottom right with Crespo and Mendietta)? I’m trying to rack my brain but I can’t remember him.


Rosicky what a marvellous footballer. Injuries halted a world class career no doubt about it. Loved it when he recaptured his graceful form during the 2011/12 season. Class act.


Claudio Lopez, nicknamed El Piojo or the louse. Played for Valencia and Lazio in Europe.


Glad got there before me but i also found this. :slight_smile:


Of those 16 years abroad, you spent 10 at Arsenal: 246 appearances, 28 goals, two FA Cups and many memories that stick out…
Yeah, absolutely. For one last time, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Arsenal Football Club. For me, it’s a fantastic club and it was always an honour for me to play for Arsenal. I always had a special bond with the fans. Every time I played, they knew that I was playing for the shirt. I always played for the shirt because it was an honour for me to represent such a great club like Arsenal. One thing is for sure, I’m a Gunner forever.



A little bit unfair with giroud. Wes brown and finnan i had forgotten about those 2.


Wonder if we will snag Bergy now that Ajax have released him, stupid buggars it beggars belief they would do that to such a high calibre player who could impart so much to players.


That is insulting. He is more than that. He is God.




Poor eboue, lack of education and a bad divorce got him into bankrupcy.


We should rescue him. Make him Gunnersaurus.


The actual fuck?! Poor bloke


No way. If theres one player you dont want anything shitty to happen too…


No way, this can’t be real!


Something similar happened to a costa rican player that signed for Ajax in the late 90s, he had very little education, came from of the most dangerous places in CR then at the age of 18 Ajax paid 5million dollars for him and he received like 1 million from that transfer, he was already making good money as he received a professional contract when he was 17, and because he was so good that team gave him a very good contract for someone of his age.

Off course he was making thousands of dollars in Amsterdam and started to party like crazy, every time he had vacations he used to go to the beaches and close the bars just for his friends and the ladies paying a lot of money, in amsterdam he said he was fucking and drining like crazy, a lot of friends told him to invest money on thing that did not work out and he lost a lot of money. He was almost broke, until a friend of his grandpa started to advise him before it was too late, a few years later he was playing in some obscure leagues but making a decent pay day, then returned to CR played for Saprissa which is the biggest team over here and made some good money then started to jump from an unknown league to another once again but making good money until his finances healed, then came back to CR to play a few years to retire making good money as well.

Luckily he never married a gold digger.

I put my self in their shoes, imagine coming from a poor family, barely getting some basic education and then you get 1 million dollar at the age of 18, making like 25k a month or more(like happen with chelsea academy players), is easy to get crazy.

You know all the fake friends, free party everywhere you go, lots of cash to burn, bitches fighting to ride your dick, all the girls you liked when you were a kid throwing themselves on the bed.

Should be very difficul to keep composure.

I was partying very hard at 18, but i had more education and way less money hahaha, i cannot imagine with a couple of millions$ in my account and unlimited access to pussy.


Christ he’s been rinsed dry. Gold digging is real folks. I’m just gonna assume his Ivory Coast teammates reached out to him already.



What kind of divorce proceedings leaves a person bankrupt?
Why does he have to give away all of his assets?

Just because a woman has vagina, she can get away with no work & millions in bank.


I’d say this sentence is probably a good indication of where it went wrong:

Insisting his wife looked after most of their affairs, he admits being “naive”

“Whatever she tells me to sign, I sign”


This is arguably the saddest thing I’ve read all week. I love Eboue, he was such an uplifting, good-spirited player on and off the pitch.

This makes me pretty upset for him. Wasn’t there a rumour about him being diagnosed with HIV recently as well?

God that poor bastard, hopefully some of his friends and teammates can reach out and give him a helping hand.