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How did I know record breaking Ramos was going to be the number #1 CB? And Pique in the top3 I guess?

If anyone needs a marketing department hire theirs.






Tbh I don’t blame them :smirk:



This story was in the latest issue of FourFourTwo magazine. Love Crouchy.



Part of Rooney’s talksport interview, interesting compliment

Semi interesting insight from Rooney


talking giroud up for an everton signing eh?




Stan Kroenke must be happy.


Goes to show really that Kroenke is capable of making teams competitive and does want his teams to do well…seems to me the problem is the frenchman!


I mean it’s good the team is becoming more exciting moving in the new stadium. There was certainly an attendance issue at the colosseum earlier in the year but there were some other factors involved such as bad area etc?

I have no clue but I read somewhere that NFL isn’t the most popular in LA and it would be extremely difficult to get fans for both the Chargers and Rams when the stadium opened. An exciting football team brings more support right


The Rams capped the stadium to only 65,000 seats, the stadium holds well over 90,000 people. So yeah the stadium looked empty but that was by design, the Coliseum is a nightmare of a place to be with 90,000 people there, long lines for concessions, bathrooms won’t get to your seat on time ect.

The NFL right now definitely takes a back seat to the Dodgers and Lakers who are 1a and 1b in terms of intetest in LA, in fact 1c is the USC Trojans which are the college football team in town. However as the season has gone on both NFL teams are doing quite well and the interest has been growing. It was more of an issue of indifference because the NFL already fucked us and let two teams leave us, and thesr teams don’t feel like LA teams, just tennants more or less. They are going to have to get the city’s favor again, but winning is doing a lot to fix that.


Why am I reading about egg chasing in the “random football stuff” thread :thinking:


Why doesn’t the Little Mozart have his own thread?

“After careful consideration, I have realised I am no longer able to fully prepare my body for what the professional football requires.

“I would like to thank Sparta for raising me, for being the first step in my career in big clubs, and for allowing me to say goodbye at the place I love the most.”


A career cruelly stolen by consistent injuries. Happy Retirement, Rozza.




Damn those adverts were good


Fuck me, Hidetoshi Nakata that’s a blast from the past and a name we always got linked with.