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Arsenal should give him a social media gig. He would be a hit.


So he is a clochard? :cech:


Horrible news.

I hope he gets the help he needs ffs. We need to reach out to him.


We could definitely pay him 60k a year to be a social media ambassador for the club hahaha. He wouldn’t return to being footballer rich but by normal standards he’d be really well off, get him a decent gaff and start chipping away at whatever the bailiffs are after him for.

Arsene show us that famed loyalty to your players an sort it out!


I’d be very resistant to the idea of the club getting involved with Eboue without getting the full facts of the situation especially when a court has issued a verdict against him in relation to child visitation.

We’ve only heard one side and we would not want Arsenal to endorse a person who has behave poorly with on going legal issues.

Sounds cruel but it’s best for the club to stay out. Eboue should look to his footballer friends tbh


He lost his ability to be a football player for a year because he didn’t pay his agent, is blaming all of his financial woes on his ex wife, is not allowed to see his kids and lost a sizeable sum of his assets to his ex wife in a divorce settlement. I’d be willing to be he is much to blame for the lions share of his current woes.

I agree with @sevchenko that there is probably more to this story.


Yeah but he’d be a great social media ambassador, I’m saying he deserves the job on merit :yum:




And she was not even hot, i would understand if he goes crazy with a hotty/gold digger but with an ugly one is even worse hahaha.



Our boy Aaron Ramsey repeated the trick,
And Jose Mourinho was a tedious prick.

In October we had Koeman’s head on a stick,
And Jose Mourinho was a tedious prick.

Tottenham Hotspur you’ll always be shit
And Jose Mourinho will be a tedious prick.





@Phoebica Gotta respect OAFC’s social media personality. :wink: :giroud3:



Best part is the doorbell and it’s lovely example of typical English craftsmanship :rofl:


Glad to see Eboue is getting a bit of help during hard times :+1:


Yeah rumour has it Galatasary might offer him some kind of coaching role


Great sense of humour from one of the lads who survived the football team plane crash. :joy::clap:

0:50 onwards.


Is that a competitive match?





Here’s the full story seriously sad


Divorce proceedings really need to be revised worldwide.
That said, I never realized it was so bad that it can render a man penniless & homeless.