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I feel like Cal may have posted a clip.

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I’ve been playing on fifa 09 again lately, was playing against Spurs and they have a guy called Gilberto, does anyone remember him? I surely don’t


He was linked with us quite heavily around the same time if I remember well. Ended up going to Spurs where he barely played but I remember him.

was it a big topic on oa round the time?

You drop that like it’s normal.
Why are you playing FIFA 09? :sweat_smile:

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going through a backlog of games I could get the platinum trophy for, fifa 09 was one I went back to after all those years


Fellow trophy hunter? Nice.


it’s a very low perecent trophy as well, all I have left is play for 50 hours and score a free kick


@GC-Maniac I had to start the 50 hours from scratch the other day as I don’t have my old save file, it’s easy though because I’m doing it without even playing the game

What I’m doing is playing a be a pro match, 20 minute halfs and just leaving it on in the backgroud to rack up the minutes on it’s own, then setting a timer to know when to press for the next half and then a rematch :slight_smile: 50 hours is 3000 minutes and I’m already on 900 minutes without actually playing the game

genius iq


I remember him very well from some Brazil NT games, but never had a clue he was ever a Spurs player…

I have platinumed some recent FIFA installments and that was a pain in the ass. Told myself I would never do that again. :rofl:

fair play to you, must have taken a while then?

Yeah, I essentially tried platinuming them late on and there are some trophies that are no longer achievable, like the one for Weekend League.

Don’t know why but EA added a Weekend League last year during a random lockdown week for FIFA 19. Somehow I learned about it and got the 2000 points you need to get in. :rofl:

The training ones are also annoying and of course the Div 4 Division Rivals requires you to be really good. Mind you, I don’t like spending real money on FUT, which made things harder as I had to graft to get better players.

Yeah, it’s a bitch. :sweat_smile:

all I really do on fifa is career mode

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@GC-Maniac going back to what you said about getting plats on fifa, I got it for pes 2020 and I suck at the game, pretty much you can cheese most of it

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If Sony manages to make PS3 titles backwards with PS5 I will definitely have a go at some games I wanted to platinum over there.
Maybe I’ll just buy a PS3. It plays PS1 and PS2 games as well.:rofl:
My fat PS3 is bricked and I sold that super slim PS3 I replaced it with.

how do you mean?

What is going on here? @Phoebica

Is club football still happening in mid June?!

National League play off semi final.

Why is it this late haha.