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I am curious about history of that gif.



UEFA’s team of the century. There are some complaints over Gerrard’s inclusion. That front three, though… :kissing_cat:



There must be some mistake.
I can’t see Walcott in that line up.


The team coach goes skrrrap. Pap pap pap pap pap.




More Adebayor qoutes


I don’t hate Adebayor quite as much having been reminded that he intentionally kicked van Persie in the head


Robinho jailed for 9 years for sexual assault.


Ugh. So much of this stuff coming out right now.

How long before Google delete this?



Pretty sure he’s going absolutely nowhere as he’s in Brazil and the Brazilian constitution doesn’t allow the extradition of Brazilian nationals to other countries.




I found this West Ham thread pretty amusing :grin: I won’t post the whole thing as it’s quite long, but here’s the start


Maldini should be there if no other Milan player. Gerrard is included to appease the English because both seedorf and pirlo were better than him. Also Kaka but he’s more of an attacker than a midfielder, but his peak was absolutely miles above Steven cunty Gerrard.


Only now seen that team. That defence :arteta:

That team has been made to deliberately appease the dumb shit fans we have today that frequent the troll football Facebook pages etc.


There is only one English player and only two PL players.

As much as I like Gerrard as a player, to have him and not Vieira seems a bit unfair.
Also not having Zidane is a bit strange.


The Arabs and Africans are out in force again…


Some ppl just need to learn to shut the fuck upp! Or go support Lazio.


For the first time in my life am ashamed of being an Arsenal fan.

Clearly only been a fan since at most September 2011 then.


Post withdrawn by author.