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How hard is ‘Live & Let Live’?


Interesting story from Rio


Nothing about that is interesting. lol.


I thought so ha ha interesting insight in to their relationships and maybe a small look into why the English National team doesn’t perform how we’d like them too.


There is bigger rivalry among Barca and Madrid players.
Didn’t stop them from coming together for International glory.




Its 2017 and ppl like that still exists :man_facepalming:t3:


“The gayest thing you can do is worry about what another man does with his dick”.


The annoying thing about his statement is that he thinks it’s ok to say “Arsenal are not for gay people,” as if he is some sort of spokesman for the club.


The sentiment is pretty annoying too tbh.




:open_mouth:There’s atleast 5-6 red cards there by today’s standard.


And we still have people on here that think that there’s no quality football to be seen in these leagues.


Money well spent paying for Sky Sports with this level of insight :joy::joy:


Sounds like he’s got an addiction. Or at least a very sweet tooth.


If the Soccer Saturday panel were a bag of Revels, Merse would definitely be the coffee one.


The best one? Agreed.


What sort of weirdo thinks the coffee one is the best one?!



What kind of a cunt makes a pie chart where one of the options is orange and then doesn’t make that segment orange!