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Always been a crazy fucker.


Lancashire Police said officers responded at 20:45 GMT on Sunday to a disturbance at a home on Victory Boulevard in Lytham.

It said a man had already left the property in a car.

A force spokesman added: "A short time later, officers found the vehicle which had been involved in a collision with a woman pedestrian on Clifton Drive. She received minor injuries.





Dearest cup of tea in the league and the worst manager in the league. Shambles


And I bet it’s Tetley’s pisswater tea as well. State of it all.





looks like we are stepping things up now with partnerships have another one today, we have signed a few partnerships recently.





most recent ones are worldremit, cover more, cavallaro and universal


I could be ridiculously wrong on this but I’ve always thought the only reason we haven’t signed more of these previously is because we’ve been hamstrung by other deals signed long before Gazidis came on board.

It would be fair to counter that by pointing out the obvious oversight that stops us having a shirt sleeve sponsor right now but seriously if we could have had (for instance) official travel insurance partners 5 years ago without falling foul of other obligations why wouldn’t we have just done it?


Imagine this :facepalm:




That’s not a very respectful way to talk about a player whose boots you aren’t fit to lace.



Good thing we are talking about football, not wrestling.

The greatest of players have been known for their skills, rather than their physical strength.


I would have liked to have seen him say that to Vieira, Adams or Lauren.

If he had, he would be the one injured for three or four months.

It just proves what a dislikable person he really is.




Loops more perfectly than any other gif I’m aware of. Also fond of it because posting that gif in response to BradyMagic was my most liked post on the old forum lol