Raheem Sterling

Yeah. Think it is why he’s such a balanced dribbler.

For around 50m, Sterling is too good not go for.
There aren’t many top PL clubs that need him, and I doubt he would go to Liverpool, Man U or Chelsea anyway so I t’s probably between us and spurs.

Arteta coached him at Man City so he might be able to persuade him, if he guarantees him first team football.

This is the sort of attacking signing we should have made in the last window rather than Odegaard.

If we can get Sterling in the next window he will definitely give us the sort of goal threat we have clearly been lacking.

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I’d be very happy watching Sterling do his little Velma from Scooby Doo run for us.


There are a number of players that I would have thought Arteta could be in for tbh. The Man City connections should be bearing fruit right now.

I thought Aguero may well have been a possibility last summer. Now Sterling.

Man City is one place from which I wouldn’t mind the proven talent cast-offs coming here. The toxic Chelsea lot- nah.

ESR, Saka and Odegaard are quality young players, remains to be seen if they’re good enough to be key players in a contender one day though.


If they are let’s hope it’s here. We are not just going to grow a young team to a title.
It’ll need players of Sterling ability in the side to do this.
Whether we go for him or not quality proven will be needed.