Raheem Sterling


Lol the sun are very triggered right now :joy:


The fact the Sun is getting agitated over this shows that they know have been over the top in their reporting of Sterling’s behaviour.

It is the absolute dregs when it comes to tabloid newspapers and that’s saying something when you bear in mind the competition they are up against.

I wouldn’t even use in as loo paper.

There was a time when I was very young and naive I’d read this paper because I thought it was “funny” then I grew up and realised it is a news paper for brain dead cunts.

Fucking scum cunts

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lost his job :joy::joy:

This was really interesting listening to Neville and Carragher last night. Recommend it if anyone wants to watch it

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I’m sure we have shit papers here in the Netherlands too, but I feel like The Sun and Daily Mail are on a completely different level.

Oooft :eyes: wonder if there was some Liverpool vs City rivalry that came to blows here if I’m reading Southgate correctly

Haha so England drop Sterling instead of Gomez. Idiots


Raheem being a prick then. Halo dropped has it.

:joy::joy::joy: Dave I love how you always get a dig in about them no matter the story


We don’t know what occured all we know is that the squad has more Liverpool players and that Southgate is a pussy


Well he might be but dropping your best player suggests Raheem was in the wrong.

I wonder if they’d still have dropped Sterling if it was on the brink of the Euro’s or World Cup Finals :thinking:


If it was Emery, he’d have a vote, then ponder about it, then sit him for a game, then ask him if he is ready to play… :santi:


Probably was actually 5-10 seconds of nonsense after a highly charged game in which Raheem was getting dogs abuse from the home crowd all night long.

I bet The Sun and idiot fans will be itching to wade into this ‘story’, meanwhile in reality I expect him and Gomez are reasonably good mates and can always chat about how good their lives are whilst sad nobodies write about this non-event


Can’t believe this is a story and also can’t believe he’s being dropped. Over a tiny spat in training? Shit happens all the time, and the players have moved on. As per usual when it comes to England, and particularly Raheem Sterling, a mountain out of a molehill.

The cesspit that is the British media are going to do some superb self-sabotage of the England team just to get a few more clicks and a few more quid. Shitcunts like talkSPORT will be “debating” it all day. Farcical.

According to The Athletic, this is what happened

Gomez was in the canteen shaking everyone’s hand and then reached Sterling, who was sitting down. Sterling snapped and responded, “So you think you’re the big man?”, stood up and tried to get Gomez in a headlock, knocking food over from the table. “It was a pretty full-on thing and food went everywhere,” said one source. “Sterling behaved like a bit of a child.”

Gomez had initially thought Sterling was joking, and a handful of team-mates laughed at the City player’s initial comment. But when it became clear that Sterling was serious, Gomez moved backwards and the pair had to be separated by concerned team-mates.

Gomez is thought to have been very upset by the incident. The softly-spoken defender does not like confrontation and did not think there would be any issue with Sterling following their embrace after Sunday’s match. But he decided, in the words of one source, to “take the moral high ground” in the interests of “what is best for the team”.

Liverpool are also thought to be angry that Gomez has been put in this situation through no fault of his own. The 22-year-old was seen to have a scratch under his right eye when pictured at training on Tuesday morning.

Lol that’s the type of shit 15 year olds do after losing a game.

Nothing wrong with being upset but “So you think you’re the big man?” and then proceeding to try and get him in a headlock, I’m not sure theres much of a defense Sterling has.

Good to see hes accepted that he was being a dick and moved on. Good result all around.