Raheem Sterling



Lol the sun are very triggered right now :joy:


The fact the Sun is getting agitated over this shows that they know have been over the top in their reporting of Sterling’s behaviour.

It is the absolute dregs when it comes to tabloid newspapers and that’s saying something when you bear in mind the competition they are up against.

I wouldn’t even use in as loo paper.


There was a time when I was very young and naive I’d read this paper because I thought it was “funny” then I grew up and realised it is a news paper for brain dead cunts.


Fucking scum cunts


lost his job :joy::joy:

This was really interesting listening to Neville and Carragher last night. Recommend it if anyone wants to watch it


I’m sure we have shit papers here in the Netherlands too, but I feel like The Sun and Daily Mail are on a completely different level.