Premier League 2022/23

Capello is in my opinion the best club manager of the 90s and heading into the early 00s. I think he was incredible.

Doesn’t get his flowers now though because most people in England shit on him for his performance as England manager


No love for Uncle Carlo as best club coach of the 00s?

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Just saw the highlights of the Wolves v Leeds game. Rate the referee for being referred to the on-pitch monitor for the Rodrygo goal and then sticking with his original decision to give the goal.

Didn’t give into the thick twat shit bastards in the VAR room who told him to look at it again. There was no foul on Traore and thankfully the Leeds goal didn’t get ruled out.

Some fucking awful challenges in this game. Case for Wolves having Dawson sent off as well, he was very lucky.

Absolutely no doubt here, England didn’t deserve him

Maybe he should’ve done a better job with England then. Not like he did anything of note after England either.

Capello was a great manager no doubt, but Sacchi set that Milan team up and won back to back CL’s beforehand. Gave him a good starting platform.

This is the part I’m referring to, I know exactly what Sacchi did with Milano but it takes a exceptional manager to win another 4 titles with the same team and then become successful with Real Madrid Roma and Juventus.

Managing teams with talented players with a winning mentality is a completely different scenario to taking over a national team who’s players didn’t seem to know how to play together.
There’s a reason some of the best club manager’s in the world haven’t managed at a national level.


If you’d said that instead of ‘England didn’t deserve him’ I’d have agreed the first time :slightly_smiling_face:

FWIW I don’t dislike capello for his England stint I just don’t think he was above the role and should’ve done better. It’s a shame he fell out with the FA because he was the most qualified manager we’ve had in donkeys years.


I’ve got around 6 million reasons why England “deserved” Capello :grin:

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I got 18/20


This is just sad from West Ham

Forest the only one I didn’t get

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Listing Brighton twice makes it trickier. Was able to get it right by working out which team was missing. Only one I didn’t get was Brian Roy

I had a bit of an advantage though as they did this game on a podcast the other day :sweat_smile:

19/20, couldn’t get Bournemouth. Was sure it was gonna be Wilson.

Same as others, couldn’t get that Forest one. Never heard of him.

I scored 18,

Didn’t get Forest or Palace


Pundits and journos all collectively seemed to decide that playing badly is actually better than playing well.

Proper mental gymnastics.


They gassed him up like a vintage Buick. Shameless.

Funny how even a couple of games into the season they were saying that there were tougher games to come. They’re still saying it now. Let’s hope another few rounds of shutting pundits up is in order.


The predictions on BBC all had Spurs higher than Arsenal, too

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