Pre-2000s Football

Romario showing you never lose it

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Italy had a few decent keepers in the 90s


Pagliuca and Peruzzi looking like they came straight out a 70s mafia film or something

Can still remember Pagliuca kissing the post in the World Cup final.



Didn’t know Ayala played for Milan :martinelli:


The game wasn’t too bad either.


Some random game… :xhaka:

A very interesting documentary, I’ve seen a long time ago on TV, got uploaded on YT. A bit unusual considering it’s mostly an Arsenal related channel. The author did the english subtitles himself.

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The best Brazilian free kick taker no one knows about (outside South America).

Saw his name being mentione often among Brazilians when talking about great free kick takers. Most rate him above Juninho. I’d agree, he’s definitels more complete if anything.
And you can also see he uses that knuckleball technique already in the 90s, so it wasn’t Juninho who invented it :slightly_smiling_face:

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I think without the injuries he would have gone on to be the best CB ever