Pre-2000s Football

In place of Bobby Moore :eyes:

He was a left back in that era, so I guess no :pires:

I do like @Jesseviolin 's subs bench though. Greaves and Muller salivates

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Ah, we’re being that specific :wink:

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Yeah. I don’t like when they try to squeeze all the big names in these kind of all time best teams… Withouth giving some minimum respect to certain positions and roles on the pitch. Otherwise you could just put out 11 attackers, you don’t even need to put the goallie lol.

That team above could use (should have) a CM/CDM imo.

You could also have Zoff who was a great GK, and players like Rumenigge, Rivelino and Jairzinho.
But Liverpool were the top team in Europe and had Keegan, Dalglish and Rush, who were great players.

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20th century only, no crossing over into the 21st that’s the rules


And how does that apply to Maldini? :pires2:

He was a beast throughout the whole 90s, finishing very high in best player of the world awards/ballon d’or’s a few times, making the ideal teams of big tournaments, winning a ton of titles with Milan (including the CL a few times).

Just because he was great in the 00s too disqualifies him and erases his work from the 90s (and the 80s too)?? Not sure that’s fair. :santi:

I think you’re missing the point, if that was the case I would put the whole of the Milano back four in the team.
The whole point the post was purely 20th century footballers way before most of our times which makes the team more interesting rather than including the usual suspects

Zero defense from this midfield line.

This kind of best of whatever era is too personal.

If we want more attackers, why not 3-5-2,or even 3-4-3?

Cruyff wasn’t a midfielder all.
Maradona not a wing.

For this formation, I’d put Matthaus instead Platini or Cruyff, at least add some steel and defense to it.

How many of us really watched Yeshin played?
Was he really better than Zoff or Meier?

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Good point

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Who was the goal machine Hills?
He tends to get over looked .
I can never remember if he was Dutch or French. I remember Greaves interviewing him on Saint and Greavsie

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That the fella ! Was he a goal machine if I remember rightly. A real poacher , right place right time


Still staggering how they didn’t qualify for WC94 with a strike force of Cantona and Papin.

There were rumours of unrest, however. And Bulgaria and Sweden weren’t mugs, as their excellent performances at USA94 proved.

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Other than one good season in Italy, most of his goals were from ligue 1.

Very good player but he did not prove much outside of France. Too bad.


I didn’t know much about him other than his goals he was getting at the time . Other than a two minute segment on Trans World sport there was no real coverage of European football



The reaction to this at the time was huge