Pre-2000s Football

a 39-year old Matthaus :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

They liked United that year.

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That run at 7:27. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a player play at the pace that Ronaldo played the game at this stage of his career. That was deep into extra time and honestly the speed and power he ran with and to have such poise and control in doing it too. Ar great as

A defenders worst nightmare

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More than half the first eleven got a vote, but not a single person voted for Paul Scholes.

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Just like Fifa… once the striker has a breakaway… none of the defenders can catch up

He was actually better than Beckham in 98/99.

That whole list is insane.

Legends, legends everywhere…

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The biggest hattrick of this century so far?

Just a reminder, that Valenica team got to two consecutive CL finals (2000, 2001; this happened in 2001).


Trying to think of others, but struggling. Hate to say it, but Bale’s vs Inter to secure that comeback was pretty massive.


The most important for sure. I remember reading how it could have had catastrophic impact on them financially if they didn’t qualify that year.

Also a huge game against a massive team capped with probably the second greatest bicycle kick ever scored (after Mauro Bressan)

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Spurs lost the game, no?

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Quite right, misremembered the circumstances :+1:

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Especially to:

Prime vs prime, Seaman and Jens, who was better?
I knew Jens, but the memories that flashed back most of Seaman, was the lob by Ronaldinho.
How would you compare them?

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Easily Seaman. Jens was good but far more error prone than Seaman.

Seaman holds his own in the argument for the greatest keeper of the PL era.


How about Seaman compare to Cech, Schmichael, Van Der Sar, and now Allison and Ederson?
If you are so sure that Seaman is better than Jens without hesitation, which means Jens is just about the level of De Gea, the most??

I know you put Adams as the best (or one of the best) CB in PL history… how do you measure Seaman as “the greatest” when comparing to other greats?

You know the title “greatest”… very controversial.

Just like Lebron claiming himself the greatest basketball player but most oldies would still vote Jordan.

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I’ve lost my glasses so I. Can’t reply for the moment

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