Pokémon Go


Haunter, Gengar, Alakazam, Bulba/Ivy/Venusaur, Vileplume, Lapras.


I personally won’t have anything to do with any pokemon that weren’t the original 151. Squirtle was always my man though, bitch was living outlaw before Sons of Anarchy was even a thing.


Gotta love the Squirtle squad!

Some of favourites had to be, Gengar, Charizard, Squirtle, Articuno, Umbreon.

Gengar’s right up there as my favourite. Anyone remember the Trading Cards? I wasn’t a big fan particularly of them, but I did collect them for a short while. Anyone in the UK will remember when Woolworths (RIP) at one time did Trading Card days at their stores, back around 2000.

I went along to one. Spoke to a few different people, didn’t really find anything I liked, until right near the end someone had a Gengar. It was pretty much the end of the session and I can’t remember what I traded it for. Think I gave up one of my shiny cards to get one, but didn’t care, I wanted a Gengar so much :smiley:

That mischievious smile.


Bualbasaur was my favourite.


^Same. Bulbasaur, Gengar, Snorlax, Jigglypuff, Alakazam.


I tried to fight with other trainers in Scampia.

Horrible lost, my Oddish has been smashed.


I never played any Pokemon games so only going by Anime.

Scyther because it evolves into badass Scizor.

Look at how badass he is.

Ditto is my second favourite.

Apart from that,
Gotta say Snorlax looks pretty much unbeatable when awake.
Ash’s Knoctowl was quite smart.
Heracross was also cute.
And I laughed at how Muk won him the battle against Bellsprout.


I know they do modern day remakes of the games, but you should defo consider playing the original Gen 1 or Gen 2 games @Trion, if you’ve never played them, especially the latter. So much to do in them.


I completed FireRed (remake of red) on Game Boy Advance emulator on my phone about 10 days ago, best 4 days of my life. Definitely the best place to start. Also I made my fiance get it and we did link cable so I had my first ever Gengar and Golem :heart_eyes: (I was a child with no friends, clearly).

edit: dream team


Nice one Craigie. The only issue I ever had with the first gen games was how OP Psychic types were. Nothing could beat it. Ghosts were meant to, but they either never had anything powerful to combat, and they all had poison traits which favoured the psychics :facepalm: Without a Mewtwo, you were fucked in battles against mates.

They fixed them with the next batch of games with Dark and Steel types but by then most people I know had gone off the hype train of playing the games, so never really got to fully test that out.


I had an OP Clefable that destroyed Psychic Pokemon. The trick was to put them to sleep with Sing and then mind fuck them with the ability called Psychic. Clefable is my all time favorite Pokemon because of that. Fairy type Pokemon ftw!!


Psychic move on Psychic pokemon?


I don’t know why it was so effective but it used to rape mewtwo’s face I’m not making it up lol.


You sure you’re not telling Cle fables @Arsenal4thetreble ? :wink:


Is that reference really necessary @Arsenal4thetreble ?


You’re right putting a pokemon to sleep and raping them isn’t a joke. I just realized my Clefable was the Bill Cosby of the Pokemon World.


Any excuse to post this classic:


Yeah the remakes are basically fixed gen1 with better graphics and common sense (e.g. being able to put your bike on select, unlearn HMs etc.) :slight_smile:

I wanted Alakazam but fucked his moves up so went Gengar and he 1 shots Gary’s Alakazam and since Ghost > Ghost it 1 shots all of the 3rd Elite Four’s (Agatha?) Ghosts. 1st one has a Jynx smokes that too :sunglasses:


To be fair you could do both of those things already from Gold and Silver onwards :smiley: But glad to hear they fixed all the issues of the original games in the remakes as the glitches were always pretty ridiculous, but so well known in gaming history. Maybe one day I’ll have to get FireRed and see how it compares. Does look really nice.

When I used to battle between mates or whoever at school (ha that was a thing) my team used to be something like Mewtwo, Charizard, Gengar, Starmie/Blastoise, Exeggutor and Articuno/Snorlax. Used to have couple of other backups I’d swap around from time to time.


Here’s my crew so far, you guys still playing??