Pokémon Go


Well I was hearing a lot of buzz about this, and have read a lot of funny stories about it as well. Being an old school Pokemon Blue player I digured I’d try it out. Sure enough this shit is addicting. I walked down to the beach to find some water Pokemon and a Jigglypuff even showed up at my house lol. Pretty fun and interesting. Definitely a revolution in gaming.


My best so far


Did you catch that or evolve it? Do you get a choice when evolving?


So this is pretty easy to get in the UK even though it hasn’t been officially released yet?


On android there’s no barriers to get if you’re happy to not use the official app store.

I’ve got an iPhone mate who’s done some dodgy stuff with an American Apple ID to get his. Not sure that’s recommended though :sweat_smile:


I’ve got a Window Phone, I can’t play :facepalm:


How on earth do you catch them? My Pokeballs just keeps missing! Is it luck?


No its skill you have to hit the pokemon with the ball, so keep practicing you’ll get it.


You are not a human being.



I just suck then haha.


I guess I have the same problem as Maxi then :santi:



Evolved evees.

That’s my third evolve tremor from an Evee.

I got that from evolving a 550cp Evee


I keep forgetting to open up the app when I am around :frowning: Should have notifications when there is some nearby.


Having read this, I’m ashamed of myself.

I’m a grown man, playing Pokemon. Sigh.


You aren’t the only one lol.


Don’t trip, i was walking all over town playing last night and everyone was doing the same! Kids, adults, fine ass bitches, it was a pokemon celebration.


Do I need GPS on to play this game? Had a half an hour walk yesterday with GPS on and it destroyed my battery for the evening out. Plus in that time all I came across was a fucking Snorlax and the game froze just as I trapped the cunt in a pokeball.


Pretty sure it needs GPS, there’s a battery save setting in the game, not sure what it compromises on though.


Once you’ve catched Pokemon in a certain area, do they reset over time or?


Yes you can walk around and come back and there are more. Im my experience you have a better chance of finding pokemon by pokestops. So it’s best to walk back and forth betweem pokestops, you will find the most that way. However if you want to find a variety of pokemon i feel it’s better to walk to different areas.

Also when you get to a higher level you will get lures, or you can buy them. You can place those at pokestops and the pokemon will come to you. I found the best way to level is use a lure at a poke stop, use inscence (which also attracts pokemon to you), and a lucky egg to double your xp.