Pokémon Go


:facepalm: The world is passing me by.:sob:


Just testing upload option…Honest…:santi2:


It only hit me today after nearly 20 years that Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan were named after Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan :sweat:


Guess that makes you a bit of Slowpoke






I started playing this today.
I am using it to get fit though.

Made a self rule that i will only catch pokemon when i am on a run.

Ran/Walked 8.8KM today & caught Tangela, Pidgey, Doudou & caterpie.
My favourite pokemon Scyther was nearby but couldn’t find him :frowning:

Battery drains so quick.


I heard something like changing settings in Google Maps should reduce the battery consumption. Though don’t quote me on that.


How do we do that?


Check out Number 6 and 7.


I can’t find any good Pokemons…


Trying it but it seems some google employee has already confirmed that it won’t work.
Still downloaded the offline map to see if it loads better.


Someone told me the gov’t were putting Pokemon characters in all the Jobcentres just to get all the lazy bastards inside the doors. :joy:




Zubats spawn above my desk at work.
Everyday I get to catch a zubat or two.


Had a Vaporeon spawn close by my house but my account just wouldn’t sign in. It was down for a good 4 hours or so. Managed to catch it for the missus and it was cp798 :facepalm:



I bought a new phone, I’m in charge!


Don’t want to make another thread but out of all the games and what not, what were everyone’s favourite pokemons?


Tyranitar, bastard single handedly defeated Red in Gold.