Pokémon Go


Because of my self rule of only playing when i am running means I am miles behind you.
Got Sinusitis surgery & Septoplasty, so i won’t be able to run this month. :frowning2:


Too many cheaters out there using fake GPS apps have ruined the game. There’s even one with a joystick on screen to move your guy around.


I’m still going, but disheartened after going to London and seeing a stop every 30 seconds. Spent all my balls on pidgeys to level up so my squad currently sucks :disappointed:


I always thought cheating was half the fun of video games. :slight_smile:


@Mysty tell me how to install the old pokemon on my phone, please :rosicky:


I think you better ask @Craigie that question as I don’t have a clue :slight_smile:

I still have all my old gameboy versions!


Got myself Moto G4 plus.
Pokemon go should run much better now.


@Craigie tell me how to install old pokemon version on my phone :pray:


Ahh didn’t know ppl were cheating like that. Well tbh people who live in big cities have a major advantage so i can understand the cheating. I’ve never had an issue because of where I live. Pokestops galore and a million pokemon. I’m about a week behind most people because I didn’t dl the game right away. Still my pokemon are pretty strong, haven’t seen too many that can take me in a battle :jakey:


You need an gameboy emulator for your phone (modern phones can get up to gameboy advance without any issues) and then your must find a rom, for example this is the link for Pokemon Red GBA remake.



If you have Android you can download emulators of game boy, game boy advance etc. Then you can download roms of the games through torents :+1:


So the craze that swept the world back in the Summer has launched Gen 2 Pokemon into the game.

How far did people get on this in the end? Does anyone still even play it? The hype really died off after the Summer. It’ll probably just be the hardcore fans that’ll carry on with it I’d imagine, especially now, with the weather so dark and crap.


It’s a roaming the park in shorts game. It’s really let down by not having a better notification system when you’ve not got it open. You need to make a conscious decision to play it and i got to a point where i just forgot to play it.


I had about a month where I was completely obsessed with it, and then it got a bit repetitious with same Pokemon all the time, 8 just couldn’t be bothered to keep going out :grin: I don’t even have the app anymore.


Actually met a few girls by playing Pokemon Go. One worked in the office opposited me and we ended up having lunch together.

Tragically bad game. But girls, so… 10/10.


Still playing it actually haha. Only on the occasion at the moment when I’m out walking, why not eh? Pikachu with santa hats is a limited thing until the 29th of this month too.


Very poor execution of a brilliant idea.
The need to update it every other week really irks me.