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Whoever came up with it has really made me feel special and unique, didn’t know I was the only person who listened to Tyga at night. Happy to know that, that was such a “me” thing to do.


I quite enjoyed that haha

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@shamrockgooner on Radio 4 last night there was an hour long documentary called Stewart Lee: Unreliable Narrator, I think you’d enjoy it. You like Stewart Lee, right?

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Kayvan Novak has started a Fonejacker podcast, stumbled across it the other day on Spotify. About 15 mins long and meets every expectation you could have.

Only listened to episode one, but I was in tears at some points. Highlight is when he calls someone up as Terry Tibbs, and the person proceeds to explain that while it’s an impressive Terry Tibbs impersonation, he has heard better :grin:

I’m about 3/4 of the way through the audiobook of Nitro by Guy Evans. I can see why Bischoff is always bigging it up on 83 weeks. Worth a listen @SRCJJ

For the first time ever I think Arsecast has been knocked off the top spot :joy:

This is mine. Arsecast not even in top 5.

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Oh good, it’s the time of year where I get to complain that they put these things out too early. :slight_smile:

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That’s good in a way. Means in my most listened to songs list, it’s not just filled with Christmas songs

Be more accurate tho wouldn’t it. :santi:

90% of the podcasts I listen to are history based.
I’ve listened to some stuff about some fucked up people…Hitler, Mao Zedong, Stalin, Josef Mengele, the Gestapo, Pol Pot, Heinrich Himmler.
But I think so far my most recent listen has been one of the most fucked up, Japanese Unit 731, didn’t even know these horrible bastards existed until about 3 days ago…

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Never heard of them but yhe things the Japanese were doing to Chinese ppl for the last 200 hundreds years or so were pretty fucked up so not surprised at all.

And like Von Braun, they were given immunity by the US as long as they shared their research.

That’s one hell of a rabbit hole, the Japanese version of MK Ultra, some would even day the inspiration behind. Its weird that history doesn’t really want to shine a light on either of these projects as it’s a terrible case of fact being stranger than fiction. Gruesome doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Been listening to a few episodes of this after I listened to Liars Poker on audible. It’s the guy who wrote Moneyball and The Big Short and pretty decent.

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@Cristo I finally got round to listening to The Rest is Politics. It’s actually decent enough like you said.


Yeah I basically get most of my political news/analysis from The Rest is Politics and Pod Save The World (Pod Save is a bit sanctimonious/self-indulgent though).

I just like that Stewart and Campbell are so moderate and reasonable, really wish they’d start their own centrist party. Love their anecdotes as well, although I do think Campbell’s complete and utter inability to acknowledge his own past mistakes is annoying when Stewart is happy to hold up his hands and say he was wrong or mistaken in the past.

Just finished the last episode in the current season of that Peter Crouch podcast.

What a last ep. The laout song was incredible :joy::joy: