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Got through Hooked by Paul Merson over the weekend. Read by some guy who sounds a bit like him too. He’s really very honest throughout and it’s scary the amount of money he has pissed away throughout his career.

I have always thought that when he speaks he’s just giving his honest opinion, it may not be very nuanced or well thought through but it is how he feels about something and having listened to this book and heard him talk at length about his role at sky I’m more convinced than ever that’s the case.

I properly loved him as a player and I have always thought he’s a good bloke. I do recommend this one.


Just looking back at some older posts here and I since got and listened to this one on Audible. It’s very good. Comes across as really likable.

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Fuck magpies forever is a 100 times better than North London forever :joy::joy::joy: the guy who made the lyrics up for James is a absolute genius :joy::clap:

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I like listening to podcasts on the days I’m in the office. Just listened to Gary Neville on the Diary of a CEO podcast. I know he can be a dick on his punditry but was really interesting hearing about everything he talked about. Life career etc. He sounds a great employer to work for tbf

Looking for some good suggestions for holiday.

Have two books, “52 times Britain was a bellend” seems up my street :joy:

Moment of truth on BBC sounds. 15 episodes following Paul Warne at Rotherham and Karl Robinson at Oxford last season.
Highs and lows of two managers. Very deep and vulnerability on show throughout and really raw too.
Some deep stuff off family members as well on hpw hard these jobs are.
Excellent listening tbh.

Has anyone listened to the Alan Partridge podcast: From The Oasthouse? Is it any good?

Yes and yes.

I, Partridge is the best though, by some distance imo. Nomad also very good. I’d say the podcast is the third best.

I also own the books in print but they are hugely improved by being read by him.

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