PlayStation 5

Did the new Xbox flop? I’ve barely heard it mentioned (obviously not in this thread, but real life, on social media etc) :grin:

Pretty sure it’s getting a directors cut on next gen release as well so must have done something right for it to be released

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Yeah I think it’s one of those visually incredible games with just “eh” gameplay/storyline etc

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Yeah as soon as I heard it was being made by Hideo Kajima I skipped it. I stopped playing his games after Metal Gear solid 2. I played the first MGS when I was like 10 and was just blown away, there was nothing like it. Played the second one with my cousin on the PS2, and was shocked and confused in addition to the crazy story line and dialogue it was littered with Unskipable cut scenes that ran for over 30 minutes. Like legit 30 minutes of bat shit dialogue you couldn’t skip. Finished it and swore I wouldn’t never play another MGS. All his games have become like that, were they Have massive portions of nothingness and proper out there story lines and crazy ness.

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Oh I loved mgs2! One of my favourite games ever, strange the contrasting opinion there, though now looking back those constant calls from the general where there was just no sense being spoken half the time was irritating, but as a younger guy I guess it added to the mystery of it all. It was mgs3 where they lost me.

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Splinter Cell is a vastly superior stealth game to Metal Gear Solid.

Splinter Cell Chaos Theory is the single greatest entry in the stealth genre.

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Michael Ironside as Sam Fisher, now that’s voice acting.

Fuck those SC games were so sick.

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Never played them, even though they were highly rated and looked sick at the time.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla on PS5 is beautiful

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Man I fucking love Hideo Kojima’s work, give me the Japanese franchises over the American ones every day of the week. I can’t help but associate gaming with Metal Gear, Resident Evil and Final Fantasy.

I’m so glad I grew up playing those types of games instead of shit like Fortnite.

@JakeyBoy have you heard there’s going to be a Splinter Cell animated series on Netflix soon? Isn’t Metal Gear just Splinter Cell if it was told like it had Anime narratives lol. I’m actually quite looking forward to it, hopefully it’s on power with Netflix’s Castlevania.


Just got my console today… and the graphics is great.
Trying Fifa 21 (free copy from PS4 version) and FF7, so far so good.


First thing u need to play is Astro play room great game to show off the Controller


a free game or need to pay?

It’s preinstalled on the ps5 so free to play

thanks, let me check

Yes @ronniec, try Astro’s Playroom. The controller will blow you away. :exploding_head:

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I got a couple PS5s at home I’m happy to let go at retail price. Disc edition. If anybody wants one, shoot me a message and if you’re London based you can collect or you pay for postage if you’re out of London or don’t want to collect


Any one with a ps5 can get 6months free appletv

Just in time for Ted lasso series 2 :grin:


Anybody based in London, Ive got a PS5 disc edition for sale at retail price. It hasn’t even been opened.

You can collect tonight or this weekend

If you’re not based in London and want it, shout me and I’ll work out postage costs.

I don’t want it. Never opened it, never used it so I’m getting rid of it but I’m not a scalping cunt.

Sent this to a few whatsapp groups too so whoever wants it, first come - first serve.


Yesssss :clap: :clap: :clap: