PlayStation 5

December 2020


Time to start saving

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FIFA 21 will look great on this @JakeyBoy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This vexes me so much

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Plenty of time to safe some Monitos for this bad boi. Cant wait to play GTA 6 on it :giroud2:

FFS, world’s most expensive FIFA machine


But still play like shit unfortunately

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I have got no choice, but to buy it next year December :man_shrugging:t2:

First, the new console
Second, the game will be more expensive
Third, you need to upgrade your TV also
Fourth, probably faster internet is needed, in order to support the higher resolution and data…

How much money do we need to spend in the end?

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Sick! Hope my 5 year old PS4 can last another year haha

That’s exactly what I’ve been saying about my car and my phone

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And my girlfriend


:giroud3: :gabriel:

Fuck me laughing my ass off at the gym :joy:

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Laughing and lifting weights. Worst combo i can think of. Expect zero gains.


New console launch and both lads left home.
So happy. Money saved. Electricity bill halved. Bliss.


Gonna wait a while before getting this one.

Enough good games on PS4 and the first games on a new console are usually shite.

For example, it is the only time people (me) will consider getting a shite pointless waste of time like Killzone. That is 10 hours I’m not gonna get back.

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You and your couch.:grinning:

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I hope that the joke was meant to be that you have a five year old girlfriend, cos that’s definitely how it sounded Noncey Boy.


They’re gonna support the current gen(PS4) more this time around I believe. Especially with PS5 being backwards compatible.