Planned Maintenance


We’re back


Doing some updates around 7.30


Erasing Wenger’s smilies?


That’s not a bad idea actually :wenger2:


All done here :white_check_mark:

Looks like they changed the like-icon again lol


I like the like even more now. :heart_eyes:


Update in about an hour.


All done

What’s new:


Update in about 30 minutes.


All good


Update in about 25 minutes.


All done


Update in about 30 minutes.


All done here! Check the release notes to discover what’s changed.

Happy posting


Everyone good?

I restored to the backup I made prior to updating.

For those who weren’t here:
We updated to the latest Discourse version this morning, it came with bugs.The default white theme had turned blue instead of our lovely red. Also the theme switcher broke. So we reverted back to a snapshot from 2 hours earlier, losing a couple of posts. Everything should be working fine again now.

It’s the reason why everyone has to log in again. Been a while for me, I forgot my password lol.


Cannot login via mobile anymore. Thanks a lot, really thanks.



Cannot, or did you lose your password? Because you can tap ‘forgot my password’


I just logged in 5 minutes ago on mobile. Try again.


Cannot. The login section appears to be too small to login.