Planned Maintenance



Well, no problem. I will write less, then. See you.


Have you tried clicking into the boxes you drama queen. @Bl1nk has an actual job you know. This hasn’t happened on fucking purpose.


Change the browser you schrimp


@Luca_from_Italy sorry it looks like that, but it should still work.


Restarted my mobile and it works. Sorry for my rant.


Am i a new user? Cannot post in the “Other Premier League fixtures anymore” :rofl:


Your names blacked out as well :arteta:


Oh relax, you drama queen


Thanks :slight_smile:


He loves this place and he couldn’t gain access to a post for a whole 3 damn minutes ffs do you know the emotional damage it could have caused him? You should feel fucking ashamed, i think you owe him an apology at the very least :henry2:


His posts are all coming up flagged and blacked out. Wtf? :laughing:

(By the way, this is entirely the wrong thread for this. :stuck_out_tongue: )


Should be sorted now.

Was a system malfunction. @system



We’re going to do some security updates in the next 30-60 mins so will be offline for a few mins.


Updates in about 30 minutes


All good :heavy_check_mark:


I can finally write via mobile again! GET THE FUCK IN!


Great, now there are no more excuses for not doing Scottish Football updates then :ramsey:


No, they can fuck off. Useless pub league :hipster: