Planned Maintenance

As we are currently developing new updates and features there will be some occasional downtime on the forum. We will try and keep this to a minimum but I thought I would start a post with estimated times we will be doing this work to give you all notice.

The site will be down for 15 minutes today from 11am to 11.15am

Thank you for your patience.


Maintenance window successful, back online now. No more maintenance for the time being.

Testing the spoiler plugin.

We have signed Messi and Ronaldo

Awesome, love the spoilers!

I like tits

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Hi all, I will be restarting the website shortly, which will incur around 10 minutes downtime. Apologies for the disruption.

Back up now and site updated to latest version successfully.

Thank you for your patience.

Will be some downtime from 9am GMT today for 15 mins.

Did it a bit earlier, back up now. Thank you for your patience.

Site will be offline for updates for hopefully no more than 10 mins tomorrow around 8am UK time :slight_smile:

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Will be down again for a bit tonight around midnight


More maintenance tomorrow around 8.30-9am UK time :campbell:

We’ll be doing some routine updates tomorrow morning, around 8.40-9am GMT. Hopefully only down for 10 mins or so :slight_smile:

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More routine updates, sorry chums.

Tomorrow (Saturday) around 9.00am UK time.

Hope it’s not a big update. Wouldn’t want g4e to make another goodbye thread :eyes:

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just a reminder this’ll be happening about now

Tomorrow (tuesday) at around 9am UK time the server will be down for updates

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a bit later than planned but just a reminder this’ll be happening in 20 mins or so :slight_smile:

We’ll be doing some more updates tomorrow around 8.30-9.00 ish UK time

Just a reminder this’ll be happening in around 30 minutes