Planned Maintenance


Will be doing an update in about 30 minutes.


will we be getting anything new?


[quote=“LukeTheGooner, post:22, topic:349, full:true”]
will we be getting anything new?
[/quote]There are subtle changes here and there. Main ones I’ve noticed are a complete revamp of the Preferences Page. It’s now broken up into diffferent sections, which looks much nicer and easier to find stuff, instead of just one long page like before. Plus when you’re looking at changing avatar, the preview is much larger to look at now :slight_smile:

Also, users now have the option to keep the same theme across all devices by ticking the box underneath.

Edit: Seems like there’s a new badge as well, for “Best new user of the month” :laughing: Suppose that might help encourage newbies to stick around.


honestly don’t think badges will make people stick around if they weren’t planning on staying anyway


Forum maintenance around 8 AM this morning. Forum will be down for about 20-30 minutes.


Maintenance done :slight_smile:


Will be doing forum maintenance in about 20-30 minutes. Forum will be down briefly.




Forum maintenance planned in about 20 minutes. Forum will be down briefly.


All done here! :construction:


Doing some maintenance in about 20 minutes.


Performing a system update in about half an hour.

EDIT: DONE HIGH FIVES :raised_hand:


Quickier than Arsenal! :hipster:


Easy :sunglasses:


Performing some updates in a few minutes




All done :smiley: holy shit the reply window has changed


It looks good from smartphone.


is that why this is not updating properly. I have read stuff and it is not updating like it used to.


I’m triggered by the new reply window.