Planned Maintenance


The reply window is the same as before for me. Although Im using the Dark theme, if that’s why?


Could be yeah. The new reply window stands out a bit more.


guys are you getting the same problem as me that the forum is not getting updated to where you have read to last, i read to the bottom of a thread and it still says i haven’t done so.


Nope. Possibly a browser/cookie issue. Try a refresh or close out of the browser or log out and back in.


strange stuff i have done all of that and restarted my browser and my computer just in case it was a glitch…still happening for me. For example on Arsene Wengers thread it starts me off on post 10319 and i will read to the bottom then i come out of there and it will place me back there again with the amount of unread posts mounting up. ill see if it is better at some point.


Sorry dude. I’m out of ideas. :slight_smile:


Try a different browser.


Ive just tried it on this thread and I dont have that issue, I am using chrome.


figured it out, was a toolbar messing with it,didnt have a problem strangely enough before the maintenance but did afterwards so stopped toolbar from showing up on this site seems ok now.


Performing an update in a bit.



Couldn’t log in for some minutes :xhaka:


Some minutes eh? I’m sure you though your life was over :eyes:


Never ever EVER fuck with Luca like that EVER AGAIN
as SAF would say …he could have died!


Wow, kudos on the retro banter :joy:


Updating in about 30-40 minutes, so forum will be down briefly.



Performing an update in about an hour. Mainly to prevent spam users like we’ve encountered recently. :robot:




Performing some updates


All done