PL UK Television rights tender 2019/22


There’s a big difference in quality of supporting a club, someone supporting Barnsley etc is going to be stuck watching crap in Championship their entire lives and will probably never see a major trophy win, as an Arsenal fan I’m watching my club in high level games, see world class players, good football and trophies


I support Arsenal but i’m fine with every match not being on TV. The football world doesn’t revolve around the Premier League. I can actually go to the match, or stream it, or watch the hour long extended highlights.

I appreciate the lower leagues and enjoy going to games. Alot of Premier League games have become a bit of a show. Whereas a league 2 game still feels old school with a great atmosphere and sometimes that is nice to see.


So are you suggesting that people who have spent their whole lives supporting an “utter shit” team should become glory hunters and support a PL team instead?


I massively disagree. That’s the type of game that is usually one sided shite. The other game will probably at least be a contest.


Nah but they’re missing out


They would disagree with you.


No point continuing this as you like the lower leagues and like the fact we aren’t on TV whereas I couldn’t give a fuck and want to see every Arsenal game stream free. :+1:


They would but I have better standards than them


Such snobbery.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with supporting a team who is not in the Premier League.


Barnsley and Ipswich have both been in the prem. You could of used that ignorant comment on Leicester 2 years ago. Football and sport in general is about dreams not hype.


Barnsley and Ipswich were just stereotypical lower league teams that came to mind, Leicester was a one off, I still wouldn’t swap supporting Arsenal for their experience of irrelevancy mostly and 1 freak season. I dream of Arsenal winning CL or PL, if I wanted hype I could easily support Madrid :grinning:


You’re coming across as a bit of a glory hunter.

Teams outside the PL or top 6 are not irrelevant. Nottingham Forest have won two European Cups. Leeds are a big team. Back in the day, Wolves were the team to beat. And what about Preston? Winners of the first ever football league. League clubs have a history too you know.

You strike me as someone who has never watched the football league, if you had you’d know that there is plenty of drama in league football and it is also more competitive - a team could challenge for promotion one season, and be relegated the next. Not forgetting the fact that that is where a lot of English players ply their trade before setting the PL alight (or not, as is usually the case)


Going by this logic you really only advocate a 6 team league then.


Course not, small PL teams have something cool about them, little things like atmosphere but doesn’t mean I’d be dying to support a Newcastle or Leicester

Wolves and Preston is going 100 years back, fair enough about Forest and Leeds but they’re dead now. Not everyone has an infinite amount of time to watch lower leagues, it’s a preference but a good one to prefer high quality football


Football League isn’t boring or not high quality football. Playoffs are some of the best games of the season.

I don’t hate or look down on the football league but I would much rather prefer the option of being able to watch every Arsenal game live through a subscription service instead of relying on shit unreliable streams for the arsenal games sky and bt don’t show.


Everyone likes high quality football. Supporting Barnet doesn’t mean you can never watch or appreciate Man City or Barcelona. In a way, it’s better because you don’t feel any jealousy or resentment.

I think you’re being quite patronising by calling teams dead. Lower league football is great craic. It’s more relatable too - the fans feel closer to the players for example and at most places there is none of this “no jumping into the crowd” nonsense. Even things like getting to the third round of the FA Cup is an achievement worth celebrating. It’s joyous down there.


Just expanding on this only following top side argument, I presume this goes for international football too. Therefore you would not be supporting England in the world cup. After all a side who has not won a trophy after 50 years would not be up too your standards.


We play boring football as well, but even worse is that the only world class England players play for spurs.


Their not world class mate. Check their medal collections.


Works for me - won’t stop me going to the matches I have tickets to (about half of the home games) and will let me watch the Arsenal when I’m not at the ground.