PL UK Television rights tender 2019/22


You are correct.
I should have said our best players.
I should also have not said it in the plural :wink:


All PL games are already televised outside of the UK. And as far as I know it will require a change in the law to have the same within the UK.

So this story is all a bit naff.


No sadly they aren’t :pensive:Not the 3 pm kickoff.


I watch 3pm kickoffs all the time. NBC and Bein Sports broadcast them every weekend.


Different depending on what country and who owns the rights.


I’m not sure what point you are trying to make.


Not all 3pm games are broadcasted in Sweden any longer. They were, but when this change was implemented a couple of years ago, there is only one game broadcasted live at 3pm.


but you can still watch all the games, right?


Just one live :confused:The rest of them will be sent a few hours later.


But you can still watch Arsenal play live at 3pm on a Saturday, if it’s not the one that is on Swedish television?


No :confused:I’ll have to find a good stream. The company that owns the rights for each country decides which of the games at 3pm are to be sent live. Really sucks, so I don’t mind Arsenal having the early or late games :grin:


Exactly, and why you still wont be able to watch games at 3pm with Amazon or Apple. And why I said the story was naff :slight_smile:


If you’re smart, you register with a VPN, and subscribe to BeIn.


Thanks for the tip :+1::slightly_smiling_face:Hope they don’t find a way to stop it soon though :grimacing:Was awesome when it worked for Netflix.


Still does


Some of the opinions in here are the reason why so many hold the fans of big clubs in such disdain. So selfish


If smaller clubs need Premier League football not to be televised to attract an (bigger) audience what kind of right of existence do they have in the first place?


No football club has an inherent right to exist, but that doesn’t mean that nobody should bother to take any measures at all to protect their existence.


Or, if those kind of measures has to be taken to protect their existence, one could ask if a 3-tier football league structure with the Premier League above that isn’t overkill.


You could ask that. I wouldn’t.