PL UK Television rights tender 2019/22



As a fan who can’t get to the stadium this is brilliant news. Goodbye streams forever!!!


Surely the 3pm kick offs couldn’t be broadcast in the UK still even if they get the games?

Guess it’s good for non-UK viewers especially, unless prices go up!


It is for the UK Will!

Overseas have different rights packages


Eh who us the random guy tweeting? Have the bids even been made yet?

I probably still won’t pay whatever extortion they want to charge tbh.

Have you ever tried? :stuck_out_tongue:


He seems to be the only person reporting this. The story the other day was that in the 2019/20 season there would be a minimum of 190 games broadcast on TV.

I’m not a fan of the idea anyway. There is plenty of football available as it is, especially if you watch other leagues. Would probably charge god knows how much for it too, and it would likely impact on attendances at matches, particularly at the lesser clubs.


Wow :astonished:

Expect Premier League clubs to get another bonanza if this is true then!


Yea I put a question mark into the thread title on that basis :grin:


No :joy:

Will try whenever Wenger leaves can’t be fucked going to watch us with him as manager


Honestly who gives a fuck? Plus that excuse is nonsense. If anyone does that then they weren’t a proper fan of their team in the first place.


That’s quite an ignorant opinion to be honest. A lot of people follow league football - even if you don’t.

I’m not just talking about fans, i’m referring to people who go and watch their local club even if they’re not particularly a big fan. If there was a Premier League match on TV they are less likely to do that.


This would be like liberation after years of 3pm games on streams




Why do you disagree? You said no one gives a fuck - that is quite frankly untrue!


No I said WHO gives a.f.

I find it hard to believe some Rochdale fan decides not to go to their teams match because Chelsea vs Liverpool is on the tv


That is why you’re ignorant about the subject. Because you don’t know. You’re guessing.

I’ve been to watch Colchester many times. And a lot of the “fans” there are not supporters. I often see a guy who is a West Ham fan but he takes his kids to watch Colchester because it’s too expensive to go watch West Ham. If West Ham were on TV or even a big PL game, he would absolutely stay at home to watch that instead.

Putting every PL game on TV will just create a nation of armchair supporters.


It’s their loss for not supporting a high profile club


Of course he would! He’s a West Ham fan not Colchester fan lol. What’s the problem in that. Common sense surely?! West Ham fan choses to watch WHU or big PL game over local team he has no interest in.


That’s really disappointing if true, I’d like to think people would still attend and support lower leagues & local clubs matches irrespective of 3pm kick offs being broadcast live.


One of things we can lay claim to is the superb atmospheres we have, even lower down the leagues. Would hate to lose that so PL clubs can take even more money.


But that’s my point, they wouldn’t. Proper fans would of course. But if you’re just a casual visitor, if there is something better to watch you won’t bother going. It’s these lower league clubs who need the money more, so it would be a real shame.

It’s the same for PL teams outside the top 6 as well to be fair. How many West Brom fans will go to watch them play Stoke in the middle of January if it is on TV? Sure, the hardcore fans will, but some won’t bother.