PL UK Television rights tender 2019/22


This is where you’re going wrong.
You should be going to see Southend.
They are far superior.
They are near a lovely beach, funfair and the world’s longest pier :grinning:

Apart from Colchester having the Roman ruins and being the former capital of England in the Roman era, what else has it got to offer?


One thing that could happen though is that clubs are forced to lower ticket prices to fill their stadia which would benefit match day fans.


Southend, lovely beach? Lol i’ve been there, it’s very pebbly and extremely uncomfortable to sit on!

Colchester created me. That gives it legendary status :sunglasses: Oh and there is a nice zoo.


Yeah. But how sustainable is a 4-tier football piramid anyway? It really feels like overkill anyway.


I forgot about the zoo.
I’ve been there loads of times and it’s not bad.
As for the beach at Southend, I’m not sure which bit you have been to, but most of it is sand. . . . . . . . .or sometimes mud.

I took this picture a few weeks ago and it is near the casino on the sea front.



That’s a nice picture… yeah I know there is sand but there seemed to be a lot of pepples and broken shells along it too. It’s the nearest beach to where I live now but I tend to go to Frinton more. It’s quieter.


It is a nice picture and it really is Southend a few weeks ago but as a holiday destination you are probably best in Frinton or Walton, unless you like boy racers, fights, screaming kids, drunks falling out of pubs, which Southend has plenty of.
But I still follow the football team regardless of all that.


I don’t know if you’re being purposely obtuse or if you’re genuinely missing my point.

The point I made was that League attendances will go down when people choose to stay at home and watch bigger games/the team they support instead - especially if Sky screen 3pm games - that slot is the lower leagues teams’ bread and butter. I gave an example as to how that will be the case.

I never said there was a problem with a fan wanting to watch their team, i’d do the same. My issue would be with the PL and TV companies for giving someone that choice out of sheer greed, when there is really no need.


Sorry but I couldn’t care less.

I want to watch PL games and I should be able to watch arsenal games at 3PM without having to stream because of some nonsense rule from the dark ages.


Well, I give a fuck if smaller clubs go out of business and I’d imagine all the people they employ do too. I fail to see why anyone should lose their living because someone else wants every single game of football to be on tv.

As a kid I went to see Dover all the time and so did all my mates, we all supported other teams but we went because it was live football and it was on our doorstep. It wasn’t what got me into football, that was my family and watching Arsenal in the few televised games there were at the time.

But Arsenal wouldn’t have made anywhere near as much money from me, and thousands of others if not for lower league football. It’s what gets thousands of fans out watching games, it’s what thousands of families do together because they can’t afford the insanity of Premier League prices. It’s not worth nothing and it’s not to be chucked away just because you want it to be a bit easier to watch a game on a screen and moan that the fans in attendance aren’t making enough noise for your liking.


I’ve always wondered about the 15.00 blackout. Is there really a big group of fans out there that sit at home and watch the 12.30 kickoff, leg it out of the door at 14.30 to get to their home town game at 15.00, then run home at 17.00 to catch the evening kickoff?

Even for a local team there’s very few people that actually live a ten minute walk from their local club. For me it’s unlikely that I could get to Bournemouth, get parked, walk around the ground, get through the gates etc. in that time unless I had a taxi waiting.

If for some reason a game on TV was to stop me going to my 15.00 game, then that same game being at 12.30 or at 17.30 would most likely stop me too.


Yes. I’ve done that.

Not necessarily as you described though. Missing a bit of those two matches is what usually happens. Or watching a match in a pub.

Well as long as your selfish needs are catered for, who cares about everyone else eh?!


How is it selfish?! :joy: If as an arsenal wanting to watch every Arsenal game stream free is selfish then… :confused:


It’s your attitude that is coming across as selfish “I couldn’t give a fuck about all the people it will affect”. We’re spoilt enough with football as it is. This is people’s livelihoods we’re talking about. But you believe your need to watch Arsenal on a screen every week is far more important.

Perhaps you should come down and actually go to a game if you’re that passionate.


I’ve always found the concept of lower league team fans weird. They watch games like Ipswich v Barnsley while the CL is on… I don’t get what their motivation is but that’s a waste of time following football


The motivation is thats their club. I’d watch Ipswich Barnsley in person over apoel Madrid on the tv any day.


Clubs aren’t gonna go bust because 15:00 games in the PL are televised. :joy::joy:

Well yes because I support Arsenal!! Why don’t you feel the same is the actual question…


But Madrid v Apoel would be a good, high level game and Ipswich v Barnsley would be utter shit to watch?


So you watching your club is not a waste of time? But someone else watching their club is a waste of time?

Got to love this Premier League is the be all and end all opinion going on in here. It’s not.